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12 Easy beauty tips for hair 2019

12 Easy beauty tips for hair 2019

12 Easy beauty tips for hair 2019

Quick hair length is very easy

Long hair has been different since ages. The long hair fashion in the middle was a little lower. Long fashioned long hair. If you adhere to certain rules, you may be pretty long hair.

Due to dust, sunlight, malnutrition, your hair growth decreases day by day. You can not extend your hair long hair.

Today you will have some tips on how to make hair healthier and taller

1. Many have a hair follicle problem. It is harmful for hair growth. Rinse hair aged after every three months after the rule.

2. Tighten the hair while you are sleeping at night and tie the hair very lightly. By tightening hair, blood circulation decreases in the hair and hair loss is damaged. As a result, hair began to fall very quickly.

3. Do not ever glaze wet hair. Warm hair sticks are soft. As a result hair can be torn off. So tighten the hair before bathing.

4. Before going to sleep for any of the three days a week, massage coconut oil or olive oil a little warmly and massage the head skin. Your hair will be hardy, hair growth will increase blood circulation and hair will be neat.

5. After hair shampoo, conditioner must be used. Keep in mind that the head skin does not feel like conditioner. After giving the conditioner to wash hair with plenty of water.

6. Avoid hair styling as much as possible. If you use straighteners and curlers to make hair straight and curly every day, your hair will be damaged in the near future. But you can change the style of hair on special occasions, but it is good to have it after a long time.

7. Be gentle towards hair while leaving hair follicles. Use empty teeth comb to remove hairstyles. If it is too tight, then first release the finger and then comb your head.

8. Choose shampoo according to your hair type. There are many shampoos available in the market. Find out exactly what is good for your hair.

9. Keep most vegetables, fruits in the daily diet list. Eat a glass of milk and an egg every day. Protein is very important for proper hair growth, so there is no substitute for milk and eggs.

10. Avoid smoking and drink less soft drinks. Tobacco, caffeine and soft drinks contain soda which reduces hair growth.

11. Stay anxious and try to sleep for 8-9 hours a day. Sleep apnea hair growth barrier

12. Regularly use hair oil. Because oily hair provides the necessary nutrients. In the absence of oil the hair breaks down and the hair begins to fall.

You can attract everyone with long hair. So be careful to have time for your hair and you have a black hair right.

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