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8 best natural beauty tips for face 2019

Is your age imprinted on your face? Think of the diary? Find out what to do

for you 8 best natural beauty tips for face 2019

There are very few available during your day-to-day life while taking care of themselves. Most of the time in the office are buried under the office, otherwise the rest of the time is cut off. The direct impact of depression, thinking, is falling in our lives. Disease naturally comes in our body. Regular feeding is not at the right time, but the medication should be kept in mind at the right time.

At the same time this busy life, the indirect treatment of irregularities, our skin. So it seems to me that people's age is understood in people's Bolirakhay But how to prevent this age-old skin coming to your skin? How to take care of your skin so that the impression of time does not affect your skin? In most cases we are reminded of the doctor, or the market has not adopted the current cosmetics products. But there are also some more things to do that, following which you can not easily say old-fashioned stains. In today's report, find out some of his sulk findings.

1 Do not tell thoughts

1. Do not tell thoughts Unconscious anxiety is the main reason for this bullion. So do not ask anxiety before all. Yeah, it's definitely not a stone lying down, but it's unintentional. But if you are worried think about the outcome because of its earlier. Do something if you have to. Unnecessary anxiety will do nothing but waste your time. If possible, meditate. Try to increase focus.

8 best beauty tips for face 2019

2. Use sunscreen

Many use it when you're out of work, many forget it. Try out the use of sunscreen. It protects the sun's direct Ultra Violet Rays from harm to your skin. There are a lot of reasons to livepopain that work as your skin's own sun screen. Try to keep it in your daily diet, such as tomatoes. Even green in this case is very useful.

health exercises

3. Do health exercises

more According to doctors and scientists, practice more health, and if you can not walk more. Modern science informs that it contains the body of a compound called IL-15, which protects our body cells from being killed
Massage the skin

4. Massage the skin

4. Massage the skin Keep it for skin care in daily routine. Massage your face with your own daily night cream. Try to massage slowly with your finger at the speed of the circular motion. Take Omega-3 to take a little oil if needed. Simultaneously expose the skin to clean the dead cell or dead skin of your skin. The skin will show a lot of Szib.

5.Reduce sugar

 Reduce sugar intake Excessive sugar intake accelerates our body glucose. Which damages our collagen and ilastin's performance. As a result, our skin looks diminished

6. Make funerals regularly

As the age increases, our skin retention capacity decreases. As a result the skin becomes dry. The Bollrecha easily rushed to the skin. So the quantity of water must be eaten all day. Brush your skin with the mirage.

Sleep and make up

7. Sleep and make up

In the absence of regular sleep, our skin and cells are tired. As a result, the impression of aging increases easily. Try sleeping at the end of the day's work so that the sleep is moderate and adequate. Many times, many people fall apart without any makeup or party makeup at the end of the day. Try to stop this practice. If not possible, then at least wash with water.

8. Skin Day Facial

Pack Appropriate and useful nutrition such as our body needs the same as our skin also. For this you need the necessary packs with cosmetics that meet the nutritional quality of your mouth. There are many types of packs in which honey, lemon, bananas, tomatoes, yogurt are very beneficial. These packs will help you keep your skin from age-proofs by mixing them with the right amount and with the right amount.

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